Quality office space

NIT Center distributes coworking space as well as 6 separate offices for the needs of startups. Also provided are 2 IT labs that, when not used for teaching, are available to Startups.

Mac - Programming Lab, 50 m2 space with 12 latest-generation PC holders, a smart board and a projector that can be booked as needed by Startups.

3D Modeling Lab, with 3D Printer - A 10-generation 3D modeling lab with i7 processors and monitors and graphics cards customized for 3D modeling.

For members and individuals gathered at the NIT Center, we provide equipment through sponsors, so there is little need to use these laboratories.

The Nit Center, is constantly working to popularize entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures. In 2019, numerous workshops and conferences were held, among which Wordpress Meet-ups and Coffee with freelancers stand out, in which people in the IT community spoke about the required knowledge and skills that the marketplace is looking for today.